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I love BTS so much, but the thing I love most about them is how close they are.
They seem like they are genuinely friends and they really care about each other like brothers. That is so rare nowadays and I am so happy they were put together into this amazing group.

A fansite translated V's recent post on the fancafe celebrating Jimin's birthday!

"I have to wake up early but I can’t sleep. Today is Jimin’s birthday. I’m lazy but since I am the only one, I should write. This photo is taken on my birthday December 30th 2012 when members were hanging out at home. Jimin didn’t really care for me but we took the picture together.
At that time, Jimin's cheeks were chubby, weren't they? He dieted so hard to make a sharp chin. After hard work, he managed to have sharp chin, nice vocals, nice abs and nice thighs and calves. I’m proud of him.
Jimin sent a message after seeing this saying "I love you Taehyung" pretending to be drunk. We need to go to Busan so people could see Jimin. I love you and happy birthday. Shoot I need to sleep so I’m gonna go to sleep."
Cr. Taesylum & btsfc
The translation isn't perfect and leaves out that he called Jimin a "Muscle Pig" LOL!


AWWWWWWAHHHHHHH THATS SO CUTE @StarBabes @StephyBAP @OrchidWonder @OsoaVIPUnnie
Vmin is real😭❤
aw so cute 😁
SO ADORABLEE *dies from cuteness*
awe I'm crying
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