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We all know about TOP's instagram being a place for weird snaps of Seungri and of furniture, but what about his interactions with fans?

On one recent photo, TOP possible prevented a fan's suicide.

Read the translation below:
Fan: Why do you like this flower?
It’s a flower that’ll wither soon
TOP: That sentiment is wrong.
Different fan: Although I’m not the one who received your reply, when I saw oppa’s comment of ”that sentiment is wrong” to the person asking why you’d like a flower that will soon wither, I felt moved. Until only a few hours ago, I was also thinking bad thoughts to the point of contemplating something extreme… I’m always cheered up because of oppa. I’m really thankful… Oppa doesn’t just make people happy, but he’s a person who moves people’s hearts.
TOP: People are never as foolish, simple and miserable as
when they’re contemplating/doing something extreme.
Just live happily.
Translation: @kwonaventure
I think what TOP is saying is if you are are thinking about doing something as extreme as ending your life, you aren't thinking straight. You're digging yourself into a hole that doesn't need to be there. Just live - there is always a way.
If you are ever feeling weak or like you have nowhere to turn, remember that we are all here for you and that there is always something that can be done to make your life better. Sometimes it is time, sometimes friends, family, where you live, your finances, whatever. All of that can be changed, all of it.
Honestly TOP is amazing, for him to put so much inspiration and hope in his fans with two very honest sentences, it's honorable and makes me respect him so much more. I knew he was my bias for a reason! haha thank you TOP oppa you're the best!
He's very kind. I makes me glad to know Kpop idols would actually respond to their fans. 😊
brought tears to my eyes
DANG IT TOP. YOU ARE SOOOOO AMAZING. This was heartbreaking, hearwarming, and beautiful all at the same time. And..... this just adds to the million of reasons why I can't have a bias in Bigbang.
top is a great guy why i look up to him
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