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Though 2015 has been a good year for YG Entertainment with the debut and comeback of several artists, the label is unsure of its artists’ appearances in the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2015 MAMA). According to a high ranked YG official, there has been no communication between YG and the event team, although there are only two months left. The usual protocol for large-scale overseas events like MAMA is to start contacting artists before the two month mark. “None of YG artists, including BIGBANG have received an official offer. Though we need a heads up two months before the event in order to organize a stage, our hands are tied for now,” the official said. “At this point, we’re unsure of our participation. We’re a little taken aback at how any talk of participation or stage organization hasn’t surfaced at all.” YG has been dominating the music scene since May with BIGBANG’s comeback and iKON’s debut. It will likely be a blow to MAMA if their artist do not participate.
In response, MAMA has released an official statement. “We are currently preparing for the 2015 MAMA, which will be held at Hong Kong on December 2, by collecting award candidates before voting starts later this onth. We are also planning performances,” Mnet said on October 13. “MAMA will be inviting all artists who have put on a good show in 2015, and we will do everything in our power to present the best stages.” They also denied any accusations of excluding YG, saying, “We’re still early on in the process, so we have no idea why conversations like this are even surfacing.” Lately, there has been some tension between Mnet and YG, in particular regarding the exclusion of iKON from the “M!Countdown” music chart, leading to more attention being paid to the MAMAs which YG artists have previously played a big role in. Hopefully this doesn't happen for them. Especially since 2015 has been YG's year.
As long as I get my fill of BTS I'm good. And either way it's unlikely that they won't include Big Bang, the performance last year was awesome
how do you watch the MAMA's awards
It's understandable. But seriously whyyyyy? They need to solve this quickly, as time is going to fly. And all of YG group fans want all YG group to attend.
If they don't they don't. We can't say or do anything about it. Its an issue that they have to resolve. There might be conflicts that we know nothing about whatsoever. We need to sit back and wait and see what happens don't get fired up so quickly.
MAMA will be a joke if BIG BANG isn't there? are you kidding me? Im sure they will be done with the world tour by then they are about to finish here in North America. Who has had a better year than YG artist! They better get their lives together!!!
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