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Well, not if you're doing it right.

If you're squatting properly, squatting below parallel can actually reduce the stress on you knees. According The Hartmann et al study, squatting above 90-degrees can actually can actually strain your knees.
Squats (low or high depth) can cause injury if you're not really careful. It's important to remember that if you do intend on squatting below parallel, that you keep your form unbroken. Personally when I was powerlifting, I found that a high bar, deep squat worked best for me. If you do intend on squatting low, I'd suggest wearing squat (weightlifting) shoes, or placing plates under your heel. Your heels may raise, and having the support under your heel helps stabilize your position. Just remember, flexibility and balance plays a part as well.
My best advice? Do what works for you. You can do a low-bar squat or a high-bar squat. You've got options!
Deep squats bad for you? Only if you think greatness is bad for you...
Ahhh thanks @alywoah! I'll have to look into them. I wonder how higher heels can help with squats though....Is it for balance sake since we don't want to lean backwards when we squat?
Whoa...there are shoes specifically for squatting? Are those helpful?
It helps moreso for high-bar, narrow-stance squats. For low bar squats, chucks are fine. The heel helps you stay more upright during the squat. Like this guy:
It has a bit of a heel
Oh, man they are SUPER helpful. When I was initially squatting with chucks, my squats were alright. But when I switched into weight lifting/squat shoes, I was able to increase the speed in my squats, get a deeper squat, and my balance/form improved. Even though I was powerlifting, I was doing more of an olympic-style squat since it felt better for me. These are squat shoes: