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Our ocean ecosystem is struggling right now. As scientists warn that the world's oceans are facing biggest coral die-off in history, the more we know about the ocean the more we take care of these little guys.
Thanks to all the people talking this week, I still have some more cards coming, if anyone else wants to talk about the Ocean Ecosystem let me know in the comments!

And remember, we are doing it for the turtles!

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awwww shell yeah @ZacharyColeHall ;) cool team outfits are a MUST. true heroes help turtles!
2 years ago·Reply
Happy turtle life is the best kind of life @lovelikematoi
2 years ago·Reply
And absolutely NO turtle soup! >:[
2 years ago·Reply
No way! only tofu soup (that’s a thing right?!) @lovelikematoi
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks for this! I have been learning so much this week and there are definitely areas I could improve as well.
2 years ago·Reply