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I know I can't be the only one who sees an awesome squad/team on the "wrong side" in an anime/manga series and gets so intrigued by them that they would like to see more of them besides getting beat up by the good guys, right?
The Akatsuki, I'd watch an anime series about them...well being evil lol. Just running into random ninja villages, going on missions. It would be something different.
I would watch an anime just about Esdeath and his crew. In the manga, we got to see a lot more of them than the anime but it would be cool to get a few OVAs to see how life was on their side.
Maybe I'm just a weirdo but there are certain antagonists I get so attached to and would rather see them have the life of a protagonist so I can see more of them. Let's face it, good usually wins most of the time so I feel like I'm just waiting for my favorite characters to die lol it sucks! I can't help but like the bad guys. It shows how well the author creates the character. Kubo is a good example, he always creates like the best antagonist and you just have to hope they don't go anywhere.
would suppirting Light Yagami count
True but fan fiction is just words and "words are wind". I much rather watch (that's what she said)
also agree some what. not full fledged series but detailed episodes on how they became how they are.
I agree 100%. I think that an Akatsuki manga would be awesome to read. And an Arrancar manga/Quincy manga. I know I'd like to see more of people like Ulquiorra and such.
@JoelleFrye I think fanfiction is cool for stories, but I would much rather have the established universe/ go deeper with the original creator. Fanon is cool, but canon is better.
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