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Dwight Howard is a great player and all.

But he can definitely be a dick sometimes.

Just watch this horrific video and you'll know what I am talking about.

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@KyleBerke Haha nice welcome! Are you new to Vingle? You into any other sports?
@mchlyang yeah I'm new to vingle 馃槂. I'm also really into hockey (4 fantasy teams) and football (3 fantasy teams) along with college football/basketball and professional tennis.
@KyleBerke Ahh nice welcome! I'm the Sports community moderator! What are your favorite teams?
I'm a native Chicagoan but I grew up in Arizona so my fave teams are: Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Chicago Cubs. How about you @mchlyang ?
@KyleBerke My favorite sports are baseball, soccer, and basketball! The Pirates and Yankees for baseball, Chelsea and Real Madrid for soccer, and the Georgetown Hoyas for college basketball haha. I don't have a favorite NBA team but I still watch a lot of the games! Good luck with the NLCS! Tough loss today against the Mets today though...