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Airs on 27nd, 10pm! *Guys~ Here's vietnamese recap card! Enjoy it:D http://www.vingle.net/posts/112485-T%C3%B3m-t%E1%BA%AFt-That-Winter-The-Wind-Blows-t%E1%BA%ADp-6 OY tries to comfort him, but OS doesn't feel better. While going back to take a seat, she step on the drug wichi MC gave to OS. She asks wat's that, then OS says "This is drug. If you take it when you gets hurt, you can forget of everything.." Then OY asks to give the drug to her. But OS says "No I can give u everything but not this one. This is the only one in the world, and it belongs to me. Now go to bed and take a sleep." But OY asks to sleep next to her. Then OS cries, "I told u. Even if we are brother and sister, we can't sleep together. How much do I have to teach you?" OY says "U gotta teach me everything..I'm sorry, but I didn't know that my brother can be thought as man. I became selfish after I was unable to see..I'm sorry. Have a good night." Coming back her room, OY feels pain in head again. So she opens window. OS listens sound of wind-bell and comes to her room to close window. Then he comes to sleep next to her, cuz OY insist she won't close window if he doesn't sleep next to her. "I think I wanna marry suddenly. I thought I had insomnia, but now I realize it's not. When I sleep with you, I sleep well. By the way, what is the drug? Can't you give it to me? If it's the only one in the world, how about sharing it together? If you do that, I will give you my testament. Let's do it like this. U keep the drug, then you give it to me when I ask you. Promise me. Now you promised me two things. First, you will be next to me when I say you to do so. Second, drug belongs to both of us." Next morning, HS visit OY's home in early morning. "Where is OY's room?" Finding her room, HS opens door of her room. Then HS,JS and secretary Wang see they are sleeping together. Secretary Wang gets angry of OS. "For what you come to this home? She doesn't know anything of man. What did you do to her?", SW says. OS says "I hugged her, sleeping next to her. Did you know that she has insomnia? You said you are her mom. Then you should have taught about man. But OY doesn't know. I don't understand why she has insomnia and doesn't know about man, while u think u are caring her enough." SW says "Then I think she has to get married. She will get settled down, if she has husband. I think I have to hurry her wedding." In the meanwhile, HS is talking with OY. She's jealous of the fact that OS treats OY so well. HS says, "Actually he's swindler. Do you know that there are two OS? Hey, listen carefully. The OS who is next to you, he is not you brother. He is another OS who deceived your brother. U know why he came to you? Cuz he needed money. That's all. He's such a trash." At the moment, OS comes in the cafe and stops HS. OY gets shocked, "Tell me. U treated me well, not because you are my brother but you needed my money? As you saw in my testament, you can get 70% of my property. But as I told you, you can't get any money before I die." OY walks to home alone, and OS follows her behind. Coming back home, Secretary Wang asks "Would you tell me why you had conflict with OS?" OY says, "How told you? My friend, Mi Ra? If there was no you, she would be good friend. Do you visit your home frequently? How's your brother? He still cheats on girls and visits you for money? How's your parents? I know that you don't visit your family. It's hard to make someone to believe your lie, right?" In the meanwhile, HS got hurt of OS. "What did I do wrong? You know that I like you. I can see through your eye that you like her. Why I can't say OY the truth? Cuz you feel shameful in front of her?", HS cries. Then OS hugs her. At that night, OS visits JS's parents's restuarant to see JS. And OY have date with MH, her fianc. OY says a lot to MH. But he doesn't like it. OS asks JS "Why you didn't get my call? I'm sorry for hitting HS." JS says "You feel sorry only for hitting her? not for hugging her? Don't care of me, cuz you treat me like I'm fool." At that time, OY calls to OS. "I'm drunken now. If you wanna kill me, it's good time. I'm in a bar. Come and kill me." JS goes to deliver, then gets call from Mu Cheol. "Hey, how about working next to me instead of OS? I gave him a drug who can kill person. I think he would give it to OY, then you would be in jail because of aiding and abetting." In the meanwhile, OS goes to bar to pick up OY. While OY's fianc, MH, takes her to OS's car, he catch a call from MH's phone. He listend a women's voice. She says "Honey, where are you?" Going back home, OY says "I feel bad of the fact that you came to me for money, but there is nth I can do. U want me unfasten my seatbelt? Then I would die easily with light car accident." OS stops car, "It's misunderstanding. HS lied you. If I wanted to kill you, there were many opportunities. I could kill you whenever I wanted." OY cries,"Say me that I can trust you..Say me I can trust you..plz..I can't believe anyone around me. Plz say me I can trust you.." OS hugs her,"You can trust me. You can trust me, OY." Coming back OY's room, she says,"Today I kissed for the first time. Give me your hand. I can really trust you, right? I'm sleepy.." Seeing her falling asleep, OS thinks, 'Why I have to live like this? Even lying to her for money.. I've thought life is nth, but am I wrong?' At that night, JS says to OS, "This pic is OY's safe. It's better to open it than making OY to take the drug which MH gave. I can't see you to kill a person." OS accepts it, "Ok, let's open her safe." Next morning, OY goes to meet MH's parents. Suddenly OS calls that he can't go together. Then OS calls to JS, "JS, depart now." In the meanwhile, MH's parents don't wanna meet OY. They say, "Even if she has lots of money, you should not do this. You have girlfriend. She's already like our family. I don't want you to marry with OY." Then MH sees OY was listening their saying. She goes home, getting shocked. While OY is out, OS tries to open her safe. While he tries to open it, OY suddenly comes in. Secretary Wang take her to bed, then sees frame is inclined and OS is behind door. She moves door and sees OS.
@erikafransiska @nylamrehs haha enjoy it! :D
thank you.. it's nice that i could finally understand what i was watching...^^
thanks so much. been waiting for someone to recap live this one..I love the show too much
amazing story.I love SHK and JIS
Thank you! I love this show!
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