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Airs on 28nd, 10pm! :D While OY is out, OS tries to open her safe. While he tries to open it, OY suddenly comes in. Secretary Wang take her to bed, then sees frame is inclined and OS is behind door. She moves door and sees OS. OY asks if there is OS. WS says "No, he is not here." Then she types a text 'I'm gonna turn on the music. When I turn on, go out from this room so she doesn't recognize sound of ur foot.' She shows it to OS. WS asks "Why you went into OY's room?" OS says "I need her diary. I need it to know about you. Was it really impossible to cure OY's eyes?" WS says,"I heard you need 780,0000S. What if I give it to you and ask you to leave here? What are you gonna choose?" OS says,"I won't accept it. I have OY's testament. If I wanted money, I could get it. Your suggestion makes me more doubt. I will keep watching you before I leave." While OS is talking with WS, OY feels pain again. She finds the drug which OS gave. (Cuz OS said once she takes the drug, all the pain blows out.) JS says to OS, "Why you didn't accept her suggestion? It's 780,000,0S!" OS says,"That's trap. If I accept it, it makes sure that I came to OY for money. Let's change plan. Let's threaten her and ask for money." Lawyer Jang is talking with OY. "We decided to change place of ur safe, cuz there are so many ppl in home." OY says,"She's doubting OS, right? If I can't trust him, who can I trust? My only friend takes money for watching me and reporting to WS. And I know you love WS. If I can't trust even my brother, who can I trust? I know wat she intends. She don't want anyone staying next to me. Then it's much easier to tame me." At that night, OS is watching OY's video record. It was record in her highschool. 'Today I went to hospital. Doctor said I became blind not because of brain tumore but becasue of LP. He said if I cared early, my eyes wouldn't be like this, then suggested surgery, saying there's still hope. But the doctor now say he didn't say it. I should have noticed when Mi Ra wanted to go to hospital with me. I know she reported you, and you disturbed me to get surgery. WS, this is not the end. I have my brother. When he comes back, I will revenge you for what you did to me..' OS cries, watching the record. While he's crying, he gets call from OY. After hanging off, he runs to meet her. At that night, WS wants to investigate OS's DNA to check if he's OY's real brother. Lawyer Jang says, "If you want to do DNA investigation legally, you need OY's permission so you can check if OY and OS's DNA is coincided. But I'm worried if she gonna let it. To get her permission, you should get OY's trust first." OS suggests OY to check her eyes again if it's curable. But OY says,"While I'm staying in hospital and gets treatment, you would leave..I don't want that. It's not that I want for you not to leave. I understand. You have ur stuffs.. You feel sorry, right? If you are, let's go picnic together." Next day, they leave to travel together. At that night, OY asks to OS, "Tell me about another OS. What does his name mean?" OS says,"It means tree. Cuz he was thrown away under tree by his mom. He is like such a trash. Once he loved a girl, but when she got pregnant, he just left her. While she's following him, she got accident and passed away.. I can't forgive him for doing it." OY says,"Are you eligible to forgive him? When ppl forgive a person, they can do that by comforting him. It seems like the another OS has never got a chance to be comforted by others. The OS was thrown away when he was young, and he was irresponsible for his girfriend.. But it must be hard for him to take the all the things. He was too young to carry it. Maybe he was afraid of having baby who live same life like him. I wanna know more about him." Next day, MH calls to So Ra. (She's OS's another ex-girlfriend.) He asks for her to attend party. (MH know that she was another OS's girlfriend. He wanna use her to check if OS is really OY's brother or not.) In the meanwhile, OS visits his sister to ask for curing OY's eyes. But she refuses it, "You think I have much time to talk with u? U such a trash. I don't have time. Go to other doctor." OY is shopping in department store. Then suddenly she feels pain. So Ra, OS's ex-girlfriend, comes to know what OS is doing. All his lying to OY and the fact he loves her. SR gets jealous of it, cuz she still loves OS. So she goes to PL company to check if it's true or not.
@dipeh yea..especially Jo Is Sung....HE'S SOOOOOOO HOT
@history17 yea it's becoming more exciting! Today story was awesome!haha Hard to concentrate on recapping x) haha
Love this drama, love the actors, crazy in love with JIS
exciting and full of suspense
this series is terrific