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Today's song comes from a band I recently (a couple months ago) started listening to (Lady Lamb) and an emotion I constantly (see: right now) feel. I'm starting to realize that it's becoming extremely more and more difficult for me to get over relationships as I get older. Maybe it's because I invest so much time into the relationship and when it ends I feel like I missed out on something that could have been amazing.
It's funny how I don't miss the big, grand, romantic dates at all. Instead, I miss the times we'd just lay in bed together and watch television. Or the weird midday naps that we'd end up taking on the couch. Or the way we'd get breakfast at IHOP every Sunday morning; wearing whatever we slept in the night before.
I think I'm at a healthy place now. I look back on these times with a happier lens now and I think it's good. Sure, maybe I get bummed out that they aren't around anymore or that we don't talk as much. But I can assume that they're happy because I'm getting there. And when I'm not happy, I have this song to listen to.

Notable Lyrics:

And now I’m trying to remember how to climb the stairs. How to tie my shoes and how to braid my hair. I can’t recall my own name or even why I care. I wish the clouds'd make up their mind so I could make up mine now.

We fell asleep on a box of milk duds, they melted into the clubhouse cushions. I’ve never loved another person. More than I loved you, more than I loved you.

Now I’m an old song that you once knew, you can’t remember me for the life of you. But I hope you find joy in all the things you do. And in these songs we sing that are sung solely for you.