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Alright, battle of vampires. We've got the time stopping, ass kicking, eye candy of a vampire, against the gun toting, dark lord, and... eye candy... of a vampire. Alucard against Dio Brando. On one hand, Dio has shown time and time again that he is the impossible odd to overcome. From defeating his rival as just a head, to coming back from the dead. He can stop time for a brief period, there are essentially two of him fighting at once, and has the ability to live through just about everything. On the other hand, Alucard has pulled off many impossible feats with a big ol' smile on his face, can summon dark powers to fight with, and though he's most vulnerable in his true form, he's also at his most powerful. So I leave it to you all. Who would win this fight? (Can we really call it a death battle? They're both dead, and it's next to impossible to re-kill them.) So... Opinions?
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Red takes over everything!
Dio is my favorite villain of all time but I think Alucard is just too op for Dio
alucard is just way too op with level zero
@SeintoSeiya I can understand that, but what gives Alucard that edge? What would he do to give him that win?
idk seeing Alucard in action, I know Dio would give him a good fight but Alucard would still probably win
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