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Reasons to Visit South Korea
Hello there everyone! This usa-chan man, aka usa-chan. How are you all doing today? I hope you are doing fantastic, if not then I hope this post will help you out a little.
So for the past weekend, it has been a bliss for me. I haven't had it for about a month now, so today I drank some tea and felt like the old man in picture. Anime/manga fans, you will get who that is (^_−)−☆ Any-how, speaking of teas and having a blissful day, try visiting Korea! There are many sights and things to do there! I've never personally been there, however, many people have talked about the perks of going there... So I am here to persuade those who still need persuading!


To those who are into Kpop, this might their first reason on going. There is no need to further explain.

2. FOOD!!!!!

To those who are not into Kpop, the food there is quite different, but tasty. Yes, I am luring you with food. Your tum-tum might get hungry... Anyways, I have made a few Korean cuisines here and there, but they are probably not compared there. Plus, they have this thing call "Korean Royal Cuisine." Basically, you stuff yourself as if you are King or Queen. They will feed you with the finest vegetables and meat, of course rice too. Who wouldn't want to feel like a royal for meal?


3. History/Tradition still in action

For those who are history geeks like me, we know that each country has its own unique history. Some still continues to use those history/traditions in today's world of technology. In Korea, tradition still plays a big role into their society, especially to the ahjooma and ajushiss. I don't know if I spelled them right, so correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, it's great to see a country to still thrive their history forward. Plus, the old building there are quite interesting to see.


Now this goes for everyone. The culture there is so interesting to learn. It amazes you of how much each nation is so different from another, but at the same time still tied together. It breathtaking to see and experience. Plus, you get to probably get to meet new people! That's always a plus. ----------------------------- So if you feel like traveling, try going to South Korea! It will be blast! :D Yours truly, ~usa-chan man
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so cool thanks! I will be visiting South Korea in March, I'm beyond excited.
2 years ago·Reply
@Emescia That's fantastic! I hope you enjoy your stay there! ^^
2 years ago·Reply
@bunnymafia Thank you ☺
2 years ago·Reply
I cant wait! I'm going to visit first then if I love it I will move there!
2 years ago·Reply
@Emescia No problem :) @Aripendragon That's great! I wish I could visit and move there, but I'm currently still studying so it's kind of hard to move...
2 years ago·Reply