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Question of The Day: Who's ur favorite Pokémon? And why? :)
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@VinMcCarthy Lol really? I hope ur not doing a nuzlocke then
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@wllmvns haha no not for this go-around. Maybe the next playthrough I will XD
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omg these pictures are AWESOME!!!!! my favorite Pokémon is Metagross when I saw him........ I forgot the Pokémon movie I saw him in but i was like 12 and in the movie a girl trainer was stitting on top of him and he was like all chill about it and I was like dam that's my favorite Pokémon lmfao 😍😍😍😂😂😂
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charizard for nostalgic reasons he's always been my favorite and even though he's not great for competitive battling (you can still win with him just a lot of pokes do his job better) he's a freaking dragon, if you mega evolve him in x, but greninja is a close second he's gotten me out of some close calls
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