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so i just discovered this place and I love it! keeping followers on instagram was hard because my life is so crazy, from being a huge geek ( gamer,movies,comics,anime etc) to cosplaying, to gym goals and discovering the world all while staying who I'm... (I mean who cares how many I have, I really just want people to enjoy what I do and inspire to be awesome all while enjoying the same likes) so I really find this place to be a better fit for me.
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Welcome! Haha i know I commented on your other card first whoops. what Marvel characters do you like?
Welcome hope you enjoy it
@shannonl5 there is so many cool marvel people! I remember screaming thor last year to a guy at a con so he could stop and take a pic lol as comic book heroes go tho my favorite is batman.
@electica so true!!!! Thor is awesome i'm really excited for Ragnarok
Keep on doing your thing :)