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Hello guys :) this is my Jango Fett helmet (This picture is edit) lol I love collections mask By the way just to let you guys know haha :) So little by little I'll show you my collection!!! :D But I hope you like it! AND HERE GOES A QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS : Who do you like better Jango Or Boba? Which one is the better bounty hunter? 😳😳 LIKE,SHAREA AND COMMENT BELOW!!! :)
I don't know what it's from hahahah ahhh @.@ do you mind enlightening me? @MoisEsGaray
@hikaymm heheh yessssssss I will enlightening you :) ^_^ well it's from Star Wars :) He's a bounty hunter :) Ummm have you seen the movies? ^_^ :)
@MoisEsGaray WAIT OK yes I have hahahaa
@hikaymm :) I put a edit on this pic of me lol maybe that through you off hehehe ^_^
@MoisEsGaray Yeah I think it did XD