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Omg I just listened to the most wonderful voice on Earth. My baby Jin killed it you guys!!!
If You I just listened to this song about 5 minutes ago and I immediately fell in love with it. They all looked so good lol I couldn't even finish the song without pausing it a thousand times. XD
Listen to this song if you haven't lol please!!! You will definitely like it. @glostick have u heard of this song? Jin's part killed me x_x
You should hear 'Propose' The live version. Jins' voice is so perfect there it makes me die every time
0-9 I'm listening to For You right now... And am hearing Jin's voice .... WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY
@MichelleIbarra I already have and omg its one of my favorites!!
@wllmvns Ok good :P
@wllmvns that is my number one song by BTS!!!! Have you seen the background I made from it??? I watch it at least once a day!!!!
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