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I don't know about you guys but I've always wanted to know who is the stronger team. I've always went with "B" team. it was full of S-Class mages and it had a Wizard Saint. well Cana was the only exception but she had one of 3 great Fairy magics. Team A does have Erza. Erza is stupid strong and scary. Whenever she is getting on Natsu and Grey about stuff and they are fearing for their lives i cringe as well like if she was talking to me as well. Wendy is just adorable but she is a dragon slayer. She is pretty nasty when she is in Dragon Force. I'd love to hear everyones thoughts
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Let's look at some individual match ups. Natsu would probably fight Gajeel and I'm gonna give that win to Natsu. I'd say Gray beat either Mira or Jellal. Elfman would fight one of those two gray isn't fighting and would lose. Wendy would probably fight Cana and I'd give the win to Cana since she's more experienced and does have potential for a class Lucy would fight Juvia and this would be a close one. I'm gonna call this one a draw. Lol And finally, the two powerhouses Erza and Laxus. I'm gonna have to give this one to Erza because she's never lost a straight one on one fight and has proven she has the endurance to keep up with Laxus. Overall I'm gonna give the win to A team. With Wendy healing and giving buffs and Natsu and Gray being having the endurance of monsters they could keep fighting even after their battles and I think they have the best chance.
@Thatperson512 dude i enjoy your comments you have a lot of good answers and what not. maybe its also that ive never had a chance to talk about FT with any of my real life friends since they dont watch it lol. i agree with you with most of the fights except the grey match ups if he had to fave Mira or Jellal he would def lose to both. Mira is crazy powerful i like grey and i know hes strong but i just dont see him taking her out. Now up against Jellal i know he wouldnt stand a chance. Jellal is just gangster. he was also once a Wizard Saint. yah yah he lost to Jura but that was Ultears fault.
@NormanSmith Thanks man I like your comments too! I know Mira is powerful but she also isn't the most well trained and Gray also has crazy endurance to be able to step up. I think Natsu could beat Jellal and put Gray on the same level as Natsu
idk who would win