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Oh, boy, that was fun.

The Mets absolutely hammered the Dodgers last night behind the strength of - well, heck, it was behind everyone's strength.
Take a look at the box score.

Thirteen hits. Thirteen runs. Is baseball always this much fun?

It was all highlighted by Cespedes's total moon shot in the fourth inning. That was a deep, deep drive and that's why the Mets got him at the deadline.
The Mets fell behind early as Matt Harvey did not have his good stuff early, allowing three runs in the second inning. It had me worried, no question. And frankly, it has me worried for the future (assuming there is one, which is no safe bet for now. Still one more game to win...). He's reaching 200 innings and after all that talk about an innings limit, the reality is that 200 innings is a lot for a player coming off Tommy John.

But no matter.

Granderson, d'Arnaud and the Mets battled back, as Granderson smacked a 3-run double off the wall in deep center, d'Arnaud hit a two-run shot in the 3rd, and Cespedes capped it off in the 4th.

You looked up, and it was 10-3 Mets.

They never looked back. The final was 13-7.
The Mets set a team record for most runs scored in a postseason game. The Dodgers set a team record for most runs allowed in a postseason game. Yoenis Cespedes became the first Met to homer in back to back postseason games since John Olerud in 1999. (Remember John Olerud?)
This team is set up now to get it done. Tonight, it's Matz vs. Kershaw. It won't be easy, and I don't want this to go back to L.A. to face Greinke. Let's get it done tonight against Kershaw on short rest.

What do you say?


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Well great game but I think the fact that they let 7 runs was a bit disappointing. Also, it would be a much harder series if you guys ended up going to Game 5 and faced Greinke in LA.