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So, yeah, the Mets beat the snot out of the Dodgers last night and are a win away from moving on to the NLCS. And it was fun.

Let's take a look at what it looked like at Citi Field last night.

Ruben Tejada, broken leg, walking boot, cane and all, came out during pre-game introductions to a massive reception by the home crowd. It was a great moment.
Dodgers 2B Chase Utley - who appealed his suspension and was thus eligible to play in last night's game (though he never got in), was announced pre-game, too. The Mets' PA announcer decided to hold the camera on Utley for a solid 15 seconds to give Mets fans a really solid chance to boo him back to L.A. Love to see that. Check out the fan sign in the second picture (Chase Utley Deserves the Electric Chair) - there were a couple gems in the stands last night (I also saw "Chase Utley Loves ISIS).
Harvey wasn't good last night, but he walked away with a win. He allowed 3 runs (2 earned) in 5 innings, and he has to get some credit for truly battling through a night when he clearly did not have his best stuff.
Curtis Granderson smacked a three run double off the wall in center to give the Mets a 4-3 lead in the 2nd and they never looked back. He celebrated with a classic "Just money, bro".
Travis d'Arnaud was a catalyst, collecting three hits including a two-run homer. The Mets' catcher had been 0-7 in the series coming in.
YO KNOWS! Cespedes cracked a bomb, his longest homer of the year, that served as the cherry on top last night. Hopefully we'll look back on his homer as a defining moment of the season.
All in all, it was a great, great night. The Mets got it done despite falling behind early.
It's not over, though. A 2-1 lead is not safe. If the Dodgers win tonight, they immediately become the favorites again. It's Kershaw on three days rest vs. a healthy and rested Steven Matz. Can the Rook get it done?

I say he can, and does. Let's make it happen!

Haha I also heard some "We want Utley" chants during the game as well!
@mchlyang yup, they were riding him all night