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KDramas I highly recommend are:
1. Falling for innocence 2. My girl 3. Hyde Jekyll and me 4. I remember you 5. Cruel city/ heartless city 5. Boys over flower 6. To the beautiful you 7. I hear your voice 8. Pinocchio 9. Bride of the century 10. You're all surrounded
Part 2.
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@KenziLynn2311 that's great! It will blows your mind. I'm so upset that KMHM didn't get best script or any award in the Korean Drama Award 馃槖
@kjnguyen it's so confusing right now lol I have no idea how the family is related to each other, and nobody will help me. 銋犮厾
@KenziLynn2311 Ikr! My best friend and I, when we were following the drama we had so many hypothesis and none came out right! When you think you got it then bam, it would proves you wrong 馃槀