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Hello all! So this is my entry to @rosepark persona challenge. I was excited to do this one XD Now like a few of you, im a mixture of multiple characters, its difficult doing all your traits from one.
The mad scientist himself, Professor Stein from "Soul Eater" What him and I share, would be that of some dormant madness. Going through certain events in your life at such a young age, can tend to flood your mind with the darkest of thoughts that'd drive you insane if on the surface 24/7. I also think of life as one big experiment, where everything/everyone are variables meant to be studied (im still nice though!)
Vash the Stampede: Vash and I share a sense of having different personalities. I have one so people don't feel threatened by my stature (tall and bulky) yet we ourselves know who we really are. We want to avoid the despair of being alone, yet we don't always show that that is the case. And deep down, I'm a serious, well thought out person of strategic means, though it's better to not let some see that
Death the Kid Him and I share one thing, and one thing only in common...Symmetry. I DESPISE when things that can be symmetrical, aren't. I literally feel myself constantly staring at the object in question, playing over and over in my head how little effort it could take for it to acquire symmetrical perfection. Then shortly after I have to fix it, if not, I end up like that above haha.
Ryoko Hakubi I'm like her for a few remaining personality traits of mine, sort of a clean up. Ability to manipulate emotion, lazy, selfish, flirtatious these are traits that aren't always present, whether dormant or not, they're still present from the times they ran amuck. Ryoko would be (in my opinion) a Quick paced tsundere, someone who starts out with very strong resentment and hatred, but soon opens up just as strong as the hate was. I've been like that my entire life, still am.
And there you have it! Thanks again for the challenge, and those of you who read this far :) Now I'll be adding a comment with my choices of tags later! XD
@RosePark I don't think I'm THAT diabolical 馃槇 but thank you for thinking I could be 馃槶 haha
@rosepark she's so cute.
Or cubex >_>
@zoexoxo I just adde the top gif to express my excitement haha. Though I'm sure she's soras sister from "no game no life" shion
What's her persona?
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