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Well... Yesterday was a weird day. A mother and daughter gave me the most compliments and sweetest praises I've ever received in my whole life, after a conversation. I wasn't even selling to them, and they weren't even wanting to buy anything, they were just looking for something that would help them in the form of an appetite suppressant, fat burner and overall energy. Now, I see most other GNC employees going straight for Muscle Tech's Hydroxycut SX7 (personal favorite!) or Performix SST or maybe even Cellucor's S-HD. Which are all good, viable choices. My sales would look amazing, my paycheck would've gained a little boost, I would've signed them up for a membership. But in my opinion, these are not the BEST. They didn't ask any lifestyle questions. They don't usually talk to the customer. Instead of going for the easy, but risky fat burner, I talked my customers for around 40 minutes, getting to know them and their goals and their lives, diet, work stresses, bathroom frequency, favorite cheat meals, Guilty pleasures, free time activities.... And instead of that fat burner, with good commission and high dollar amount, I decided to show them.... A multi vitamin that has additional recovery properties to it. That costs $50 less than the other product. One of the reasons people feel hungry, is because your body is craving things. If you watch your diet and start omitting certain vitamins and minerals, watch how your cravings change from salty to sweet to liquids to solids to savoury.... You're missing certain vitamins and minerals. Just imagine that your body is filled with little containers. Each container is filled with your base vitamins, minerals, DHEA, amino's, etc. For every process that's happening inside your body, imagine pinches being taken out of these containers. Once these containers are empty, where is your body going to have to pull from? The next easiest places: muscle, bones, cartilage. Those are all things that we need! So, taking a fat burner while your diet is subpar, is going to make your body work a lot harder, putting a lot more stress on it which is forcing yourself to take bigger pinches out of the already low/empty containers. So instead of helping yourself, you're hurting yourself. You're going against your goals. So, whatever, I explained a bunch of things to this mother and daughter, and they discussed it for a few minutes and when they called me back, they notified me that they were going to change to our products, because the extra benefits from ours were worth a few extra dollars. They said they appreciated my honesty and willingness to explain the products and listen to them and educate them on these things. They went on to ask me if I was the manager! And since I'm not, I should be the manager! And that I would make an excellent teacher! And that I'm a beautiful person with a bright, successful future ahead of me and that I'm a very intelligent, well-spoken young individual ^.^ I was just standing there blushing like an idiot haha I don't even know how to respond to that.
And later that same day, a woman blatantly... Hit on me? Flirted with me? Seduced me? and was lightly rubbing herself against me and constantly touching my arm and accentuating her breasts by both pushing her chest out and holding products right under her cleavage and pointing out ingredients, while wearing a tight, low cut dress.... without a bra on. And she kept eye contact with me the whole time, trying to see if I was looking at her body. She was doing a pouty face, while acting like a damsel in distress. I've seen some sexy things, but I don't find much sexier than an older woman that's in shape and who is confident and knows her charms, but pretends that they don't know what they are doing. As my ex girlfriends know, I like the whole "teasing" and "drawing out everything". Just not at work. At least not while I have another coworker in the store. AND NOT WHILE YOUR TEENAGE SON IS STANDING RIGHT THERE! What the heck?!? But did I look? I'm a professional, what do you think? Hell yeah I looked! I'm still a 20 year old male with an older woman complex haha I'm kidding. About the looking part, anyways. I looked her straight in the eyes the whole time. And let me tell you, I'm regretting the hell out of it! Those "f**K me" eyes were the best I've ever seen. And she smelled amazing... Perfectly light perfume that smelled of my dreams. Oh gods, help me. Haha =_= Anywho, I even tried to use the,"Oh, my girlfriend...." line, but apparently, while it seems to work for women towards men sometimes, it makes females try harder =_= She started asking me about my girlfriend and whether or not she was athletic or in shape or going through college, while at the same time, portraying her perfect body and talking about her personal achievements. I'm glad I'm not attractive enough to where this is a normal thing lmfao =_= I'd probably pass out from the stress! But thankfully, there's a supplement for that ;p
Bruh, this is the most majestic thing you have ever written. I was laughing the entire time. It kind of reminds me of when I worked at Starbucks or at an froyo place and all the random customers that would come in. I live in So.Cal, so there's a lot of these soccer mom chicks with bad tans and super puffy collagen lips that come in for frozen yogurt, and when they'd ask for a sample, they'd eat it with their weird fish lips and on the inside, i'd be like D: D: D: D: D: but I knew on the outside I had to remain :D :D :D :D :D so the STRUGGLE WAS REAL. You took the weird sexy fitness mom thing like a champ lol.
WEIRD FISH LIPS!!! okay, sorry. I had a weird urge to re-download this app and reread everything on my downtime XD
Well, I am glad I looked for part 1 of this! That last story was funny, and you're lucky to get this many people flirting with you at work! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
I used Hydroxycut once, when I was starting out with my weight loss. I broke out into hives and I felt like I was in a Mario Kart game. I stopped taking them...
Bahahahaha YES. THEY'RE SO GROSS. And I'm from San Diego County! My town is the same town with Legoland in it lol. And yeah, I feel like some ladies have tans that are so bad that they just look like leather.
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