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I've been trying to write a webseries about poetry.
I made a short film a while back called "The Shakespeare Rap" and I wanted to expand on it. I wanted to turn it into a webseries where they discuss the many things in poetry. Stuff that helps educate as well as entertains. HOWEVER, in order for me accomplish my vision, I need to write a crap ton of poetry as well as study a bunch of different poets. If you can, name a few poems you like, a few poets, and even a few things you think I should include.
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I love this video, great job! Oh and, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, William Blake, and a childhood favorite was Shel Silverstein. A satyrical modern day poet would be Bo Burnham, though I don't think I would share his poems with my family haha
I woke up in the middle of the night because I realized that I had forgotten to recommend Richard Sikken!
@ChiefAlphaGoat Shel Silverstein!!!! I love his work so much. Haha there are one or two Bo Burnham songs I could probably share... then again you're probably right XD
Sylvia Plath, e.e.cummings, Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, John Donne, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou... off the top of my head XD
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