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Kim Kardashian continues to find new ways to sneak into our homes on a daily basis.
This time she get help via a diehard fan, as the talented artist created a Kim Kardashian coloring book to share with the masses.
Pittsburgh-based graphic designer Christina Lee made a coloring book out of Kim's photos.
The Carnegie Mellon graduate is a huge fan of Kim K and according to her interview with FADER, finds Kim very relate able:
"I also find her incredibly relatable, not only because of her Instagram feed, but because of her career trajectory. Even though she was born into fame, nearly everyone can see themselves in Kim's shoes because her public life is full of highs and lows."
Ummm.. I guess.
No doubt in my mind that she will sell many units of this coloring book if it is advertised well.
I can already envision this site crashing from purchases if Kim shares this book on social media.
Kim wins again.
....this looks terrible. If I were Kim I'd be pissed.
@paularasnick maybe that's what they were going for?lol.
not gonna lie...kinda scared when I looked at it
Agreed @AndeePierce, I think that’s the weirdest looking coloring book I’ve ever seen. hahaha maybe they should stick with scenery and characters instead of Kim...thought I think kim would love this!
that's horrific another reason why I'm a proud spawn of Pittsburgh lol
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