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Fall is killing me!

I'm getting all pumped up and ready for all the vingle posts that are going to be posted!

I'm going crazy over Vingle's latest fall posts!!

Categories like food, health, and tips are brimming with everything that makes up Fall!!! I've read a couple posts now about braids, fall fashion, apple cider doughnuts, and a bunch of other Fall treats!

Wanna know what I'm crazy about?

Orange colors everywhere, pumpkin spice, Halloween season, thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, fruits, and foods in season! And coffee! So many different themed coffees and cakes!
From where I come from (miami, fricking florida), there's no such thing as a Fall or a Winter! There's no marvelous flow of orange and brown and red leaves flying by your window. There's no preparation for campfires and toasty chestnuts or let alone a heater. No new winter clothes shopping, mitten wearing, snuggling as snow or leaves fall outside your door.

Do you know what we have?

In miami, florida, we wear beanies and sweaters cause we look cute in them! We prepare for a long season of uggs and other booties and fall fashions involving trench coats, just cause we think it's a fantastic season for it! We sweat the minute we leave our houses, but hey, at least we look hot! (most of the time, literally) We get a couple breezes in the morning if we're lucky! And the best time to appreciate any kind of remote cold weather is, specifically (and I swear it), on sundays! We open our windows and doors and we welcome it! Fall and winter in Miami means almost no direct sun for two whole seasons! No humidity! We'll be lucky to even have a day that's just cold enough to withstand our ironed hair.

Don't get me wrong.

I love miami. I've grown up all my life. Miami Beach is beyond beautiful, I have a large assortment of tank tops, bathing suit styles, and sandals. And casual in Miami Is workout clothes or even a bikini top and shorts if you see Miami Beach. I just wish I could appreciate heat more when I'm faced with Winter and Fall. I like snow (I visited Tennessee for the winter), I like fireplaces, fuzzy pajamas, ironed hair, snuggling in warmth, and all these beautiful colors that occur in Fall. But I guess I'll stick with pumpkin spice, coffee, and some Halloween dress up ;3 (I watch Halloween excitement, I don't actually get involved.)
So have fun with Vingle and everyone's upcoming posts about Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! ^.^

It's going to be Blast!

@alywoah Yessss!! xD thanks, @danidee XD a fellow Hispanic has risen!!
@danidee @alywoah xDDDD wooot!
I AM HERE!!!!! <3 <33333
Lmao @Luci546 I wish I could like that more than once.
yayyy YES YES I am from Miami! I think it's funny how when it hits like 68 degrees, everyone leaves their houses with coats, boots, uggs, and scarves haha.
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