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Want to drink the Presidential Teh Tarik? Hop down to Marine Parade Food Centre and look for this Sarabat store and you too can feel like the least for 10 minutes. Of course the President does not come down to the stall himself to drink the Teh Tarik. That would mean a lot of work for the Security Guards who will need to get the Presidential Body Guards and also arrange for the neighbourhood police to partition off a section of the carpark for the presidential entourage. So much red tape for a cup of Teh Tarik. Instead the President's driver comes by to Ta Pau the Teh Tarik back to the Presidential Mansion. Although this stall is opened throughout the day, the President's Teh is only available during the mornings up till 12.30pm. That is because it has to be made by a particular man who is code named "Michael Bolton" to protect his real identity. (Actually I think it is because of his hairstyle). Anyway, the "Michael Bolton" only works the morning shift His teh tarik is a must must try .. Along with other variant drinks like teh halia (ginger tea), kopicinno and teacinno or milo dinosaur Hilmi Sarabat Stall Marine Parade Food Centre #01-146 5.30am to 11pm Presidential Teh Tarik only available up till 12.30pm source : ieatishootipost
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this is def. my favourite tea :D