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Iggy knows how to shut a bad idea down fast.
Rising artist Rita Ora hit the press recently stating her desire to remake the classic song "Lady Marmalade" which featured Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink.
For Rita’s version, she would grab Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX​ and Iggy Azalea for the collaboration. “I’m trying to round up the troops – I think it would be me, Miley [Cyrus], Charli XCX – she’d be fun – and Iggy [Azalea],” Ora said
While this is a friendly gesture from Ora, Iggy wants no part of this one.

Iggy was asked by a fan if she would remake “Lady Marmalade” and the talented emcee stated the song should be left alone.

@IGGYAZALEA did you hear abt the lady marmalade rendition that rita wants to do with you miley & charli??" asked a fan on Twitter.
Azalea replied "@Diamansus that was an iconic moment in pop history and should be left alone." she later followed that tweet up with a PSA hoping fans don't ask her about it again by saying "Please leave me out of the whole Lady Marmalade conversation.
I have nothing to do with ritas ideas & agree it should be left alone. Thanks"
I think Iggy is spot on for this one. Lady Marmalade is a classic track that doesn't need a remake. Any remake at this moment would seem like a cash grab. Some things are best left alone.
Yeah and esp not remade by those artists. smh
Iggy is smart on that one....! Now I want to listen to the song lol
I agree with iggy on this one. the first was classic and the way those ladies remade it was timeless. I love both the original and remake. I think it should be left alone