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Because my mom is a fan too
They know which ones are the cute ones And know which cute ones will turn out to be fine men
Knows things before you because they get up early for work and search what's knew
And they know who you're biases are and send you pictures of them being rated X or G
that's just a few
will cry when they leave for the army like it's their son leaving
I love my kpop/kdramas fan mom she gets me Umma Saranghaeyo @carolpantoja yes she's here too don't bother her.....
let me know what else mom fans do or are like if I missed anything
My mom is always the first one to call me when she seems something Kpop related hahhaha she saw 2ne1 on a commercial once and was so excited
lol yeah mine likes the guy groups only and just wouldn't mind seeing 2ne1 @kpopandkimchi lol