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here's day two!!
Mushishi is my all time favorite Anime. so much so I'm doing a gender bent cosplay of Ginko the main character!!
@mrl5436 For back straps, I think you could either take the straps off a backpack you don't need anymore or get at goodwill (since the box won't be very heavy) and attach those!! For the drawers...hmmm... do you want them to open?
@hikaymm that's a really really good idea!! any advice for the back straps and drawers?
@mrl5436 Hmmm....if you're not trying to spend too much you could buy 2 really sturdy shipping boxes, and then retape them into the right shape. Cut out more pieces to make the details on the box!
@hikaymm yes it is! I've got a shirt and instead of pants I've got short shorts that color. I'm going to get a wing but I'm kinda at a loss for how to make the box... x3
Yu Yu Hakusho
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