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The NFL should be ashamed of themselves after this one.
Every year the NFL allows players to wear pink in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Really cool thing to do.
According to reports, Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams requested permission to wear pink for the remainder of the season in order to honor his mother, who died from the disease last May, but was denied by the league.
This is just disgusting.
This isn't gang related or a wild color choice at all. I think if a player wants to wear pink to spread awareness on something of this magnitude the NFL should allow this to happen.
Cmon NFL, we have to do better.
Yeah same here.....I'm really disappointed in the way the NFL is handling these kinds of issues. They need to be more open and really change things up.
if it's the jersey I understand but if it's just shoes and gloves that would be fucked up
@christianmordi really that's all? Just his shoelaces and gloves? I don't find that a big deal. They should allow him to do it, only for this season.
@christianmordi yeah well damn well the NFL is basically the gustapo of nfl players once they sign that contact they can't do a lot of things
@karencorchado no he doesnt want to change his jersey color just cleat laces and gloves.. maybe a sweat towel... damn shame the league won't allow him this
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