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Around 4, almost five years ago, I stumbled upon this video. Now, as a few of you may know, I'm a huge sucker for cute things. Still, to this day, after watching this video, all I can think is, "DAMMIT! I WANT TO HAVE A FREAKING POST-IT NOTE CONVERSATION!" This channel also has a pretty great series of nonverbal, short videos. I'm a huge... Advocate? Supporter? in the importance and significance of nonverbal communication over verbal communication. In those videos, there are context clues all over, but they are still open to interpretation. They are really interesting and if you have the time, I think they are worth watching! ^.^ I will attempt to post the second video ^.^
The song is Flaws by Vancouver Sleep Clinic ^.^ @allischaaff I think you may appreciate these ^.^
@allischaaff I interpreted it like so: She was obviously self conscious about her deafness, and she was looking at him all nervous when he took the headphones from her. She looked scared of being rejected. It probably happened in the past. He was attracted to her and she, to him. He was reassuring her that her lack of a sense didn't make her any less beautiful in his eyes. So she's still beautiful, even after he knows what she probably considers a huge flaw in herself. And that's so much fun! I love doing that! It's the best! You start trying to read what the other person is writing, Then you burst out laughing in the middle of a lecture! 😂😂 It's so cute and playful, even when they aren't.... Appropriate =p *Cough, cough* =p
@Arellano1052 ugh you know me TOO WELL. Loved 'em both. Although I didn't like that the guy said in the first one "You're still beautiful." I would rather he had said "You're beautiful," period. But super cute and now I want to have a Post-It conversation toooo. I knew this kid back in college, two years younger than me, and we used to write notes to each other on our notebooks during seminar. They were always of a rather scandalous nature ;) hehe. It was a lot of fun. I miss that!