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Frankenstein and Tokyo Ghoul

I have always thought that the author of Tokyo Ghoul got her inspiration from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The mask, of course, is an obvious spoiler to that. But, there are other inspirations, too. For example, the fact that Kaneki Ken wasn't a monster until he was made into one. Frankenstein's monster was in fact an intelligent, kind person, who loved to read. He wanted to be accepted, but flew into a fit of rage when he became an outcast for his ugly figure. Kaneki is not only an outcast from humans but also ghouls. He belongs no where.
So, why does Kaneki Ken turn into an insect? Well, of course everyone knows Jason planted that in his head....literally. But, did you know that Frankenstein(the monster's creator..if anyone is confused and has not read it) actually called the Monster a vile insect? In those days, that would have been an extreme insult. But, I thought it was interesting that Kaneki would be partial an insect.
Kaneki Ken was also the first of his kind. Well, successfully and engineered(not like those naturally born one eyes). The Monster was also the first successful experiment, and his creator gave him the name Adam. Adam was the first man created by God.
Then, Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree. Which, means absolutely nothing if you don't look deep enough except the Aogiri Tree is actually a very aggressive tree. But, I have another theory as well. Aogiri Tree represents the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil in the garden. The Monster in Frankenstein had a very similar choice to do what was right or wrong. He was Adam. He chose murder. So did Kaneki. He wanted to become stronger, which is totally funny to me because the reason why Eve and Adam ate the fruit was to become like gods. Yeeeaaaahhhh....So, Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree to become like a god, strong and wise.
What's next in the bizarrely similar to Frankenstein story go? Do you know what happened to the Monster in Frankenstein? He asked his creator to make a creature like him to be his bride. Frankenstein started on the project but did not finish because he was afraid these creatures would repopulate the world. Frankenstein dies eventually, and the Monster cries over his body. Then, proclaims he would kill himself as he expressed the same thoughts as Frankenstein. He then disappears from the story. If the author of Tokyo Ghoul goes the same way, my theory is Kaneki will get his bride. Not a woman though. Hide. No, no, I'm not talking yaoi. I believe that Hide is really the only one who can save Kaneki. He probably will die, or maybe he already has. It's like an ending that could go two ways....end horribly they both die....or they disappear from the story. Like, they walk in the sunset. That kind of shit. lol. But as friends, of course. It kind of reminds me of when House(from the tv show House) pretended he died to be with his friend who was dying of cancer. I could see the story going that way.
I hope you guys don't think I'm too crazy, but I thought of the similarities when he first got his mask. What do you guys think?
Dude I just lost it :'(
this is awesome! I never thought about these parallels in Tokyo Ghoul, but I totally understand where you're going with this idea. The only thing, though, is that the way I envisioned the ending of S2 is that Hide did die, and Kaneki was carrying his dead body back. Though I could be wrong. If that's the case, then it still kind of lines up with the idea you've constructed.
I prefer the manga to the anime and because of that it clashes with your theory somewhat but you've given me plenty of food for thought and a new take on kaneki that may help with some of my own theories thank you kindly
you should get a phD!
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