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Vanity, vanity. Which is more narcissistic: posting a picture like this that shows negligible improvements or NOT posting a picture because my 30-Day Body Challenge turned out to be more of a fail? I'm sharing this--Yes, it really is me--because I wanted to let the world know that regardless of how miniscule the improvements, as long as you are focused, disciplined and motivated, nothing can deter you from reaching (and exceeding) your vision. While this is merely the start of my 3-year body transformation, I am committed to realizing my dream despite failure and disappointment along the way. I am not fishing for compliments, just hoping to encourage others who, like me, see NO CHANGE IN THEIR BODIES, DESPITE REGIMENTED DIET AND TRAINING. To chroniclemy journey, I will be taking photos of myself every 30 days. I expect to see more obvious changes after 180 days or so. Anyone else interested in joining me in a 3 year body transformation?
thsnks guys. @mchlyang @allischaaff @alywoah I may have found something to take my next 90 days to the next incredible level. but I won't disclose it just yet. I'm not sure that I would have changed anything this past 30 days. maybe not hit IHOP twice in 1 weekend...
Yo bro. You've def made a lot of changes in your body. And I'm impressed you achieved that in 30-days. You might have hit a plateau right now, but you better be proud of your accomplishments!
@marshalledgar Haha take it easy bro. You should treat yourself to IHOP once in awhile!
Good @marshalledar!! You look great!! Hey, it's okay if results are a little slow coming. These things don't happen overnight. What do you feel you could have done better during your 30 day challenge?
You definitely should! I see some shoulders and ab definition coming in for u! awesome
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