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BTOB Screenshot Game Results (^ω^)
@AimeeH Crush:Eunkwang(mmm yummy :p) Boyfriend:Sungjae(YAAAASSS MY BIAS!!) Secret Admirer:Hyunsik(Damn he is cute) Saves Me:Minhyuk(I was crossing the street I was into my music and didn't realize a semi was coming then all of a sudden I was grabbed and pulled across the street and I fell on someone. I open my eyes and my eyes met with a really cute Korean guy and I was red as a tomato) First Kiss:Changsub(His lips though) Introduces me to his family:Hyunsik(Well he does like me) Protective One:Changsub(Ever since I've kissed him he has been really protective) Jealous One:Changsub(He also gets jeal when I talk to other guys) Childhood Friend:Iihoon(We have been there for eachother since birth I tell you) Husband:Eunkwang(I got my crush :p)
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awe this is awesome! I like it! thank you for participating!
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@AimeeH No problem Imo ♥
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