Hello friends, I have another wonderful OSTuesday planned for today!
(I am so sorry this is technically Wednesday but I totally forgot because I am horrible. So this card is going to be rushed and crazy so just, like, enjoy the song and forgive my lameness)
First off, I am sorry I missed last week. I had just gotten back in town last Tuesday, having spent the whole long weekend up in Dallas watching my step-brother get married to his beautiful fiance, now wife.
When I got home mid-Tuesday, I just didn't feel like doing one. Laziness got the best of me.
I am really excited about this week's OST!
I don't know about the drama all that well, only that one of my favorite actors was the lead and that, even though it was about the romantic aspect of the story, there was also a strong brother story-line as well.
BUT! My sister LOVED this drama, and she has literally been playing the song nonstop the past two weeks, eventually wooing me into falling for the OST.
You guys ready?

Our OSTuesday this week is none other than:

*not my video*
From the 2015 drama I Remember You (너를 기억해) (internationally titled Hello Monster) comes my choice for today: Remember by Dear Cloud.
Dear Cloud is a South Korean 4 member indie band who debuted in 2007. They also did the theme for the 2014 drama Liar Game, entitled Liar.
I Remember You is a KBS2 romance mystery about a famous FBI profiler who returns home to catch a serial killer who he has a personal vendetta against, teaming up with a passionate detective in search of the killer, sparking a romance between the two.
The dramas two main leads are Seo In-Guk as the FBI profiler Lee Hyun, and Jang Na Ra as detective Cha Ji-Ahn. Choi Won Young, Lee Chun Hee, Park Bo Gum, Min Sung Wook, Kim Jae Young, and Son Seung Won round out the rest of the extended cast. Also, Do Kyung Soo (D.O from popular idol group EXO) makes a cameo appearance in the first two episodes, applying his brilliant Satan Soo persona to that of a serial killer.
Surprise, surprise, I haven't seen it.
BUT. My sister has and her favorite part was the brothers' relationship. The fact that she got through the entire drama without fast forwarding once is a GIANT feat for my sister, so that is a testament that this is a good piece of entertainment.
This song is beautiful. Hands down gorgeous gorgeous ballad.
The lead vocalist of Dear Cloud has such a sultry deep voice, my sister and I had to look up whether a male or female was singing. But regardless of gender, this voice can convey so much emotion and is perfect for such an emotional drama.
This song starts of slow, very minimal lyrics and many pauses, just a small backing beat and minimal instrumentation. Right at the beginning of the chorus, the backing music swells just a little, and the vocalist pours her heart into the lyrics, pushing her voice a bit more than she had in the verses, creating such a dynamic change and so much emotion.
My sister was very adamant about me saying that this song is the song that is meant for the brothers, and that many people have misinterpreted it as the love song that is the anthem for the main couple.
Looking at the lyrics, I totally see what my sister means, and feel even more connected to this song, since I am also quite fond of my sister and our bond.
Here are some notable lyrics that I thought illustrated what the song is trying to convey:
*thank you popgasa for the translation*
"I can’t stop, I’m afraid
I can’t control myself, what do I do?
Look at me, remember me
Protect yourself from disappearing
When things get hard, remember me
I really wanted you
So I hope you’ll stop for a moment and look at me"
The main character had lost brother at a young age, and the thought of losing the memories of his brother, losing that connection with someone so close to you, is heart breaking.
I don't want to get in to too many spoilery things, but the lyrics included above feel more like the brother's plea to our main character, especially the "I can't control myself" and the "look at me, remember me". So without saying to much there, I hope that piqued your interest into watching the drama if you haven't already.
In conclusion, I just want this song in my life always
Okay? Okay.
*none of these photos or videos belong to me*

How do we feel about this weeks OST and drama?

isn't Seo InGuk the most beautiful man in the entire world?????
@VixenViVi I'm glad you liked it! And you are right, Indie bands definitely need all the love that they can get!
I haven't seen the drama yet so it was my first listen. I really like it!! The deep voice is great and Indie bands deserve more love!
OMG I miss this drama so much, what your sister say about the drama is right I like this drama so much and you will like it to. also the ost I love that song so much.
Another great card! I haven't seen this drama yet so this is also my first time listening to it. The song is really relaxing especially his higher notes. I definitely need to search this band up. Thanks @baileykayleen :)