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This is going to be my personal top 5 hottest anime girls. For this list I'm limiting it to one girl per anime/series. I would love to hear others opinions in the comments.
5. Charlotte from Infinite Stratos Charlotte is a very shy and sexy girl who can sometimes have trouble expressing her self. Charlotte makes my list because of her personality and hot accent.
4. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail Erza has always and always will be my favorite character in Fairy Tail. This girl had many powerful armors to help her in combat and some can be very erotic as well.
3. Ayase from Oreimo Of all the girls from Oreimo Ayase has got to be the cutest and the scariest. Her yandere antics are quite funny and as long as you don't make her mad there won't be a problem.
2. Kotegawa Yui from To Love Ru Honestly, I could have chosen any girl from To Love Ru as they are all very attractive. I simply find her to be the most attractive.
1. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto While I don't enjoy Naruto as much as most people I absolutely love hinata. I'm so glad NaruHina is canon. (Even though I wish she was mine). Hinata's unique eyes add to her cute features and her dedication for the one she loves is to die for. Thanks for reading!
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@MiguelBautista Mirajane is one of my favorites from Fairy Tail too. I could make a list of just Fairy Tail girls. Lol
but Levy.. those glasses.. zomg..
hinata-chan........ :-}
Nice list and I agree with your list. Nice job.
@briansagers Thank you (: