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Okay so again I'm behind! Forgive me please, it's here regardless!!! So let's begin.. If you have been with me before, move on; just joining, welcome! Just Screenshot each Gif below to reveal your results. You can either post in comments or make your own card! I have really enjoyed everyone's participation and reading the results. Credit for Suggestion: @tayunnie


Childhood Friend Crush Secret Admirer First Kiss Saves you Boyfriend Jealous One Protective One Introduces To Family Husband
My Results: (Skip if you want) I had recently moved back in town for personal health issues, and I walked by my old house where all my old memories were. One thing I distinctly remembered was my old friend JooHeon. 'Gosh,' I thought to myself, 'I wonder how he's doing after all these years.' I missed him, but he had probably moved on and forgot my presence. Not paying attention to anything, I walked into this guy. Feeling like a klutz, I looked up and that's where I saw him, JooHeon. His friends helped me up and dusted me off. Instantly I was drawn to I.M. He had a warm & great smile. I apologized to JooHeon for not paying attention, but he remembered me when I spoke. Suddenly, I was attacked with a hug that sent me back a few inches. I started laughing at how he didn't wait a second for me to confirm who I was. We began catching up the lost years and started laughing at how when I was 8, he gave me my first kiss. We were yelling at each other in a heated argument over toys, so his solution to shut me up,was to kiss me. His friends found our stories humorous, and that day I gained 6 new friends. (Skip months) I had began to receive little trinkets and flowers every week, with no sign of who was showering me with gifts. Kihyun began to show interest in me, so we started dating. He was a sweet boyfriend and took care of me; he became protective over me. Our friend WonHo never came around if I was there. It upset me because I thought he hated me. Come to find out, he was just a little jealous of the situation. Kihyun decided after a few months that since we were busy, he would rather have me as a friend; than nothing at all. We split amicably. I like to walk to clear my head, so I decided to take a walk early that night. JooHeon tried calling me, but I didn't want to talk to anyone due to emotions. This group of shady guys kept following me, which led up to me getting anxious and worried. One of the guys caught up with me and put his hand on my shoulder. He smelled like he had been at the bottom of a bottle. I tried to diffuse the situation, but they started to push me. JooHeon came running from across the street, and intervened in the situation. No matter what happened, he was always there to save me in the horrible situations that seemed to follow me. Right after he showed up, MinHyuk and WonHo arrived shortly after. They all led me away from the guys, then we went to eat. MinHyuk had his parents waiting, so I apologized for holding him up and met his family. (Skip Years) WonHo and I decided after that night when they saved me, that he was sorting out his feelings for me. He didn't hate me, be was upset because he never had the chance to date me. Looking back on my life as I am walking down the aisle, made me happy that I decided to move back. I was marrying one of my best friends, with everyone we cared about; besides us...
@AimeeH I think thats why B.I is my bias wrecker I look at I.M and I swear its the same person
@xxxtina Thank you ^●^
@xxxtina Yay!! That's what I like to hear!! I'm glad you like your results dear!! I do too!
AHAHAAH finally get to do my results for these babes! 😁 so glad I got married to my bias!! But what can I say, I love them all the same! 😊♥️♥️ thank you for this awesome card! Childhood Friend: Jooheon 😊♥️ Crush: IM😏😍 Secret Admirer: Jooheon😳💘 First Kiss: Hyungwon😘😀♥️ Saves Me: Jooeheon😱☺️ Boyfriend: Minhyuk😝😍♥️ Jealous One: Kihyun😏♥️ Protective One: Wonho🙅🏻😁♥️ Introduces to Family: Kihyun😱😳😁😊♥️ Husband: Kihyun☺️😍😘♥️♥️
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