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I have always dreamed of owning a luxury sports car. However there's always something bothering about them, and it's fuel economy.
I always see those sports cars racing down the streets, but the first thing that came into my mind was "oh boy, another person wasting our human resource." First we have those old V6's and V10's, and then you have the recent German car scandal on their diesel cars polluting the air. But those things might not come as a major factor to the target audience. I urge you however to think about the range you're getting out of the car. During my regular viewing on "Engineering Explained", the host was arguing about the brand new 2015 WRX STI's range. If I'm not wrong he did say you can get around 350 miles on it. That's not all, not only the car can only range 350 miles, you have to pay premium gas for it, so annually you'll pay around $3350 (Canadian Dollars) every single year as I calculated on the Canadian government fuel economy ratings website. Here are my top 5 cars I would drive for great fuel economy and it's luxury sportyness. Keep in mind, these cars are all within a budget, meaning I'm not looking for super sport cars or hyper cars.
Number 5
2013-2015 Honda CR-Z
Okay this car is really slow, but the handling is very precise and fun to drive! Although I never actually driven any cars on this, this car is very affordable, making it the closest thing I can afford on this list in the future!
Number 4
2015 BMW i8
It's cool looking and it's fast, the only problem is the trunk space. Even though sports cars aren't known to carry items, one thing to keep in mind is that if you can live with this car on the daily bases.
Number 3
2015 Tesla Model S
This car innovated electronic cars as a whole. All battery powered with estimated max range of 400miles, more than that wrx sti that's for sure! To be honest, this car probably travels farther compare to my mom's Murano. Recharging the battery might be a problem though...
Number 2
2013-2015 Lexus CT200h
Basically a pimped up luxury PRIUS! Nothing can go wrong with its Japanese reliability! While the acceleration is very slow as expected, the sportyness comes alive when you set the car in sport mode, which makes it very fun to handle corners. However the speed is still very slow because it is a entry level Lexus hybrid. One thing I like about it, it's a hatchback. My current Subaru Impreza is very practical, sometimes I imagine if it has better looking interior and it's a hybrid... wait a minute...
Number 1
2015 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid
Why would I place this before the other cars you ask? The mileage is okay, and 0-60 it's not as fast compare to the Tesla. This car however it's half the price compare to the Tesla and BMW! Oh, and the looks of the car is plain sexy and aggressive! If someone would ask me to buy any of the cars on this list, this car would be the number 1 choice!
So which car would you pick on this list! If you have any other choice, which one would you buy in real life!? Leave it in the comments, and make sure they are fuel efficient! NSX could be cheap maybe? I wish it's really cheap!
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I would recommend a Volvo S60 they have an inline turbo six and AWD so they are sporty and safe as well the trim is R Design it puts out 325 Horses and gets 19 city 28 highway in Miles Per Gallon