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@Shannonl5 wrote an amazing card about 5 empowering quotes from her favorite female super heroes that you should all read right here! She totally inspired me (not a shocker because she alway does) to right my own card about my favorite female author who seriously has some amazingly important things to teach us about life.

Im talking about JK Rowling of course!

She has taught me to be brave and confident, even if things didn't exactly go my way.
In an age where people are judged, ridiculed, and shamed because of how they look JK Rowling reminds me that my body is only the smallest part of who I am.
We are all afraid of failing, yet Rowling went from poverty to billionaire because she didn't let failure or difficult odds defeat her.
Because JK Rowling gave me a female lead that never sacrificed who she was for anyone and certainly not any man I got to grow up with the perfect female role model.
Sometimes we worry so much about making sure we follow the "right path" that we miss the chance to stumble upon something better. Rowling reminded us that risk is worth it.
And most importantly JK Rowling taught me that I can do anything as long as actually go for it.
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Happy Reading and Rock on Ladies!

I've never really looked at a lot of JK Rowling quotes before, but she has some really genuine things to say about self-improvement and how we should live our lives. I like it!
Dude, harry potter was full of quotes like these!!! I believe J.K. summed up everything about life from growing up awkward, to being misunderstood, to being in the spotlight, to facing your fears, and overcoming every challenge. Her books aren't just about a bunch of children trying to save the world, Harry Potter is so much more than that. If you can't find yourself somewhere in these books, you're lying to yourself in some point of your life.
this is a great card.I had no idea J.K was so open minded.I really like the second quote.
I LOVE this! ^.^ <3 j.k. rowling!
@GinnaL13 same here ^_^
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