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Childhood Friend ~ HyungWon Crush ~ Kihyun Secret Admirer ~ ShowNu First Kiss ~ HyungWon Saves You ~ HyungWon Boyfriend ~ I.M Jealous One ~ Kihyun Protective One ~ JooHeon Introduces to Family ~ MinHyuk Husband ~ WonHo

A wild WonHo appears! LOL! Still learning the guys' personalities so I can't complain about my results. @AimeeH what do ya think? I like the new set-up especially with the groups I'm not 100% familiar with!
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@KellyOConner I love them!! Thank you so much!! Yeas! I really do too! it helps with names to go along with faces, that way noone has to do extra homework tying to figure out who is who. Thank you so much! I was hoping the new setup would be liked!!