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I always got my eyebrows done from a very young age. I was the queen of eyebrow waxing and never even realized that I had no eyebrows to begin with.

Way before the filling in your brows trend became a thing, you could catch me in the nail salon getting my brows waxed every two to three weeks. Little did I know that there was really nothing there to be waxed. My eyebrows have always been very sparse and light haired. I always dreamt of having full, dark brows and over the years I finally achieved the look I had longed for by filling in my brows. It's become a part of my daily routine if I happen to be going somewhere. I don't feel complete without my brows filled in and "on fleek". While wandering the city earlier today, I stumbled upon a beauty salon. I knew that I needed my eyebrows threaded and now it was just time for me to find the perfect location. I've been getting my brows threaded for years now. I just find that it lasts longer than waxing and it's much more sanitary.
As I walked into the salon I only had intentions to get my brows threaded, but in order to pay with my card I had to spend a minimum of ten dollars. I tried to think what else I could get done that I actually needed and then it came to me, I was going to get my eyebrows tinted. I had gotten my brows tinted for the first time earlier this summer and absolutely loved how they turned out. I was super excited to take on the experience once again. After threading "my little to no hair" brows, the lady mixed up the henna and applied a specific amount to each brow leaving it on for about five to ten minutes. After she neatly removed the henna mix, my eyebrows looked good as new. Still super thin, but they looked so much better than they had thirty minutes prior to my visit.
I have taken it upon myself to return every two weeks to get my eyebrows cleaned up and in order to get my eyebrows to grow, the lady recommended that I apply castor oil to my eyebrows every night. I'm excited for progress and I would definitely recommended eyebrow tinting to anyone who has sparse or light eyebrow hair, it makes a huge difference. Your eyebrows will thank you and you will be able to cut down on your eyebrow prepping time in the morning. If you're still interested in the eyebrow tinting process, check out the video above and see how it's done.
i want i want i want i want! Not everywhere offers this though. And I'm afraid of trying it bc i have sensitive skin so idk if i'm allergic to henna ):
it's def an amazing technique & experience @LAVONYORK
I did not even know they could do that, it's awesome!
trust me, it is SO worth it! I have super sensitive skin as well. they can test a part of your skin to see if you are allergic before they go through with entire process. More and more beauty salons are offering this option though, believe it or not :) @aabxo