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who would win this fight
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my personal opinion is that super man would win after about a two or three day fight
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no question goku all the way
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superman would win hands down because he has the experience i hate when people choose these two qnd actually think goku stands a chance superman has no weakness in his superman prime form he could think goku out of existance its so funny how u could compare these too super man is faster and stronger he bench 6.6 trillion tons for like 5 days (goku cant do that) supermans speed can get him pretty close to Flash (the fastest man period) goku might have instant transmission but he wont get time to use it it takes 3 sec to lock onto a enemy and superman would have already been there because superman dont play and goku hasnt really killed any major bad guy except buu and the seven dragons
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Goku all day!
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@3awl @shemoo with me being a fan of both goku and superman. just asking you really think goku can beat someone who can bench a planet, survive like 1000 suns hitting him in the face, can sneeze a galaxy away, and knows various martial arts from his homeworld to batman teaching him including pressure points. not to mention the older he gets the more powerful he becomes.
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