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ATTENTION ALL: It Is National Treat Yo Self Day!
It is October 13, the day that Parks and Rec brought us an entirely new holiday...

Treat Yo Self.

So in honor of this magical and self pampering day I am here to give you a few ideas to treat yourself today.

Take off from work or school because you seriously need a mental health day.

Go out to eat, ignore the diet, and totally get apps.

Buy all the cup cakes you want....and then eat them.

Get ya nails done.

Buy that outfit you've been eyeing at the store.

Go out dancing, drinking, and all around partying.

Go to a spa...or do a spa treatment at home!

Do absolutely nothing, because sometimes thats all you need.

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AWWW YEAH. I’m going to treat myself with a nice BIG meal. I alway treat myself with food.
@nicolejb but like SAMEEEE!! My relationship with food is the best most important thing in my life lmfao
haha totally! it turns out badly though sometimes. I can be all, “I had a bad day, I deserve a cupcake!” then I have a lot more bad days and more cupcakes.
I love spa days at home! Sometimes I like to cook myself dinner after and watch a movie.