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Bts reaction to you asking them to be rougher
Jin: How’s this for rough them??
Min Yoongi: You have no idea what you’ve started here baby
hoseok: You sure about that baby? You think you can handle it?
Namjoon: You have no idea what you’re asking but okay jagi I’ll show you rough
Jimin: Anything for you baby girl~
Taehyung: *tries extra hard to be rough for you* Is this good jagi?
Jungkook: Sure thing~ but when you’re screaming remember you asked for it…
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I need help😖😖😖
2 years ago·Reply
dead....gone...freakin died....im a ghost...fak this im dead...v's thrusts....mai gawd....~scrolls back up to see again~ MY GAWD!!!
2 years ago·Reply
is it wierd identified taehyung by is tongue me: "thats V i know his tongue!!!"
2 years ago·Reply
@CarleaseMoore totally not weird at all...not being sarcastic by the way, it's really not weird to me at all... because it happened to me too...you're not alone
2 years ago·Reply
I love how he is always tonguing the camera @CarleaseMoore
2 years ago·Reply