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In this series "The Classics" I'm going to share the dramas that I think every drama fan needs to see!
These are the dramas that have influenced the entire K-drama community and have had huge effects on pop culture in Korea and the surrounding countries :D

Introducing our first of the series:

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The film stars Gong Yoo as a typical rich kid named Han-kyul who has never had a job but opens a coffee shop to prove to his family he can have responsibilities. Then there is Yoon Eunhye who places Go Eun-chan, a girl that has to work multiple jobs to support her family and is often mistaken as a boy.
She applies to work at Han-kyul's coffee shop, disguised as a boy in order to work there, and obviously the drama continues from there.
There are the usual love triangles and family drama, but the way that Coffee Prince approaches each issue is totally refreshing! It's all about celebrating strong independent women, explaining that love is bigger than gender, and that stereotypes aren't worth your time!
First off, the female lead is completely different from the weak, pretty girls we usually see in dramas. She's not helpless, she's not looking for romance, she's not interested in what anyone else thinks.
The couple is completely different too. He treats her more as an equal than a girl that needs protecting. They are a team, they are friends, they are fantastic.
Of course there is still the great cheesy romantic scenes you get out of every drama, but this drama goes so far as to discuss sexuality and outright talks about whether or not being gay is such a horrible thing. This was in 2007! This was pretty daring at the time!

Who loves this drama? Why?

Who hasn't seen this drama!? What are you WAITING for?!

What drama should I do a "classics" card on next?!
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i loved that drama, i've watched it 10 times, i like gong and yeh
I know I'm so late, but I haven't seen it 😔
this is the best. i love her little sister but then i hate that i love the little sister because she is so just like my little sister. but then you have all the hunks the producer guy i was rooting for him to find his happiness and he is just plain awesome.
my lovely sam soon, should be a classic card
I love this drama 🎩