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So @kpopandkimchi created this challenge awhile back but bought it back again so all the new peeps could have fun too! Thanks!! It's taken some serious thought and I'm honestly still not completely happy with all my choices. But I figured if I didn't just put it up it'd never get posted. So this is my F4! Ladies First! :
Geum Jan Di : Is me! (on the right) I'll take on the leading lady role! (my hair does actually kinda look like this on a good day LOL) Ga-eul : Kim Seulgi ~ I love her acting, she's super funny, and I would love to have her as my BFF for this crazy ride! Now For Our Gentlemen! :
(We'll start from left to right introducing the guys) Gu Jun Pyo : Lee Soo Hyuk! ~ My leading man, he can boss me around and yell at me all he wants with that voice of his! Face of a fallen angel, deep voice that gives you tingles, and great acting skills. He's played bad guys and good(ish) second lead) guys so I know he can handle the role. Ji Hoo : Lee DongHae! ~ I'm shameless I know.. *sorry not sorry* ^U^ I had to put my UB in here somewhere but I just couldn't see him as Jun Pyo so second lead it it! His acting range is pretty good too so I have confidence in him. Yi Jung : Jay Park! ~ Originally I had him as Woo Bin but I thought I was type-casting him into an obvious role. And he is a natural born player so it's a perfect fit I think! Plus I want to see Seulgi leading him around by the nose by the end. Woo Bin : Ji Chang Wook! ~ Another shameless act on my part. I just like him and want him in my F4. Not that I don't think he won't kill it! He does look like he could kick your butt but also can portray that uncertainty and vulnerability we all know Woo Bin has because of where he comes from. I like his acting. So this is my fabulous four! This was so much fun I kinda want to make another with American and European actors but I dunno. It was so hard to make decisions for this one I make have a breakdown on another! If you haven't made your very own F4 yet what are you waiting for?! Go do it! It's fun I promise!! Thanks again to the fabulous @kpopandkimchi for the fun idea!! ❤
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omg hahahah jay park is perfect for that role! i can already imagine him in some scenes BAHAH