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Ladies and gents, I present to you some funny Autocorrect fail.
Hide your wife. Hide your kids. Hitler is coming to town.
Yes, the phone knows what's up...
Ugh... so many philosophical questions, I am just lost for words.
Life is complete when you give birth to a baby with 10 Tostitos.
If they don't come out with Tostitos, you can auction them.
Gents... please do not forgot to flush.
Straight out of Criminal Minds. I guess there won't be a second date.
Oooohhh so that's the reason why
Whew!!! So Close!!!
The pizza that can give you seizures. Must be very delicious. Where can I get one?
I need to stop hanging with Jack Sparrow.
Double Combo
I forgot to English
And Finally....Keep trying, you will get it right........... eventually.
I hope you all enjoy this.
I challenge you to share your funny autocucumber or find some more funny autocockroaches.
@danidee Tostitos or off ya go
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're doing WHAT to kids now?
that guy
These are hilarious hahahahahaha
I can't even pick a favorite!! Some of them, I'm like... just stop typing and slowdown!! How do you Autocucumber fail that many times in a row??? (Oh and btw we're calling it autocucumber now.)
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