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In the Flash series, Barry Allen's father is framed for the muder of his mother at the young age 10 and is then adopted by and moves in with Detective West, the father of a girl he has a crush on. As he grows up his feelings never go away and we find this hopeless romantic superhuman head over heels for Iris West - his adopted sister and childhood crush - vying to get with her. What are your thoughts on the debatably incestial love interests between these two?
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Thanks for the input, all of you. @ssjleek @shannonl5 @jeremimzy17 @Karthikkrazzy1
@jeremimzy17 you are right. Its not a kind of incest thing here. Growing up together doesn't make them siblings. There are several versions of Barry and Iris in comics and I think its a new version of them. Like @shannonl5 said as long as they preserve elements these versions are less matter to me.
I actually grew up with Wally west being the flash but I never really thought of Barry's love for Iris as a problem in the show. I mean he grew up really close to her, practically siblings, but he knows they aren't siblings, more like besties, so I can see why he would choose to pursue her.
Flash is my favorite character other than batman and the red hood lol
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