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I've had my fair share of good even great anime, but this is your FAVORITE.
Anime were you say OMG I can't get enough where is the next season it's so badass.
I know it's tough to decide but all of you anime lovers out there give me some names of your favorite animes!!!!
Aaaaah I think I have a pretty long List 馃槅 lol DBZ NARUTO ONE PIECE TORIKO BESERK FREEZING K ASSASSINATION CLASS ATTACK ON TITAN TOKYO GHOUL BLEACH FAIRY TAIL I know it's a couple 馃槅 hahah I know later this list is going to grow more 馃槅
my faverite anime is... Anime
Yu Yu Hakusho One Piece HunterxHunter Code Gease DB/DBZ Samuria Champloo in this order
nice list ;)
Bleach Code Geass Hellsing Ultimate Toradora Gangsta Overlord Is it wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon Draganar Academy Darker than Black Magical Girls Black Lagoon Black Butler Full Metal Alcamist Brotherhood and more
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