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All I know is Netflix, Viki, and Dramafever.

What's the best place to watch K-Dramas, in your opinion!?

I loved watching Viki with the comments on to see people screaming along with me hahahahah @sosoaloraine23 @YvonJerzak @annabelleimiri @AzariaMilton @SharayahTodd @netchtiBates @adymura95 @KellyOConnor @jannatd93 :D
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@Kpopandkimchi In response to your question, there are plenty of pages that have dramas! like Dramacool and dramanice. I like to use Dramafever and Viki the most. but if they don't have something I want I go to other pages, lol. I avoid watching dramas with ads, so if I can't block the ads on Dramafever, I go to Viki. If Viki by any chance does not have the drama, I go to Dramacool. In conclusion, I hate ads, xD
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@kpopandkimchi Hulu does have dramas, that is actually where I started watching them. lol, they didn't have that many in the past, si then I watched them on Dramafever. later Dramafever got popular and they added the premium thing, which added all the ads and stuff. if one has ad blocker, one was able to block the ads, but then Dramafever, I guess, started to put the dramas on Hulu, so the person would not be able to block the ads. So most of the dramas that are on Hulu are mainly translated by Dramafever.
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ahh thank you @kpopandkimchi !
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@saraortiz2002 Here are some places you can watch dramas!! Scroll through the comments :D
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